Why I became a life consultant or what motivates a motivator?

If I was sitting where you are I would like to know something about who I may be working with.

So, with that in mind and allowing that you may already have read some of this elsewhere on the site;

Hello, my name is Lawrence Nelson. I live on the north eastern edge of the English Lake District.

Hiking in the Lake District and in the Scottish Highlands deals with stress. The ultimate ambition is to retire to The Highlands. I love live theatre and cats (real ones, not the musical).

My late teens (The Biker Years; Triumph and Ducati!) and early 20's taste in music ran to Black Sabbath, Steppenwolf, The Doors, Cream, Free and later still came Earth Wind & Fire, Rose Royce, Brass Construction, Ry Cooder and The Fatback Band as well as The Average White Band.

Later on my beautiful wife introduced me to Scottish Roots & Folk music from bands like Manran, The Peatbog Faeries, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers or Battlefield Band. I just love Bagrock – yes, there is such a thing.

In my spare time I write short stories.  Some have been published on Kindle.  I'm also a Platinum Expert author with Ezinearticles.com.

In other words I'm an ordinary guy just like you; depending upon your views about bagpipes of course!

I have a broad band of life experience to call upon as well as my coach training.

'Life Coaches', 'Lifestyle Gurus'; every time you open a newspaper or glossy magazine this phrase always seems to come up. What are life coaches though, what motivates them to motivate us?

As a life coach I am frequently asked why I decided to do this. Actually I no longer describe myself as a 'coach'. I only use the description in public because most people are aware of the term.

Ideally I would describe myself as a confidence educator or life consultant because that's what I do. I 'consult' with clients about where they are now, where they want to get to and then how they are going to get there.

A few years ago I realised that through my working life there was a thread of working with people, of being of 'service'.

I had been in the Scouts as a boy. As a late teenager all I wanted to do was to join the Royal Air Force. I wanted to serve my country as a pilot (I wasn't accepted because of my eyesight as it turned out).

After that I went from retail management and running my own customer based business to advanced driving tuition.

Following recruitment and training positions with National Companies I then moved on to property sales in the retirement sector.

These situations involved meeting and working with a wide range of individuals. It also meant being of service, which I enjoyed.

I realised that within these various roles the element that I gained most satisfaction from was training. I was involved in the development of a new recruit to a point where they were contributing to the success of their company.

During follow up sessions I noticed that people I had worked with had become more confident as they acquired new skills within their company. This was an added bonus for me.

Some 20 years ago I suddenly, and without warning, become partially sighted.

`The Blind Life Coach` is actually a small white lie; I'm `only` 80% blind, give or take.

Becoming partially sighted has been an unusual advantage because it's made me realise that time is very valuable. I don't know when/if I will lose my remaining sight.

My wife and I have always been positive people who felt that you either sit down and cry about a situation or deal with it.

Over the next couple of years we gradually overcame most of the challenges and restrictions that this new situation presented.

This was an interesting time of exploring my inner resources, deciding who I was in my changed world and what I was going to make of it.

During this reflective period I first heard about Life Coaching and felt as if a light had been turned on. This could be the ideal culmination of my working life. It involved working with people but on a more individual, personal level.

After qualifying as a coach I practiced generally for some time, mainly online due to my eyesight.

In these sessions it became apparent that many people did not in fact want, or need, the complete services of a profession coach. They just wanted what I began to call a 'life tune-up'; something many people are perfectly able to manage by themselves if  they knew where to start.

Having heard so many clients say 'I just wouldn't know where to start' it seemed logical to answer this simple but crucial question.

Combining easily applied techniques commonly used by coaches the world over (but often little known outside of coaching circles) with my first hand experience of working with new clients seemed to be a sensible way forward.

As a result I recently began to develop the idea of a private weekly newsletter  aimed at absolute beginners to life coaching.

I believe in implementing a gradual change in the way that we view and approach life. Gradual changes last longer than 'quick fixes' and are more effective in the long run.

The membership content introduces a constant flow of alternative ways of looking at life in order to achieve this change of outlook.

The author Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes say something to the effect that ”People look, but they do not see.”

A similar phrase could be “we hear but we do not listen”. This is particularly relevant when someone embarks upon coaching for the first time; they need to develop the knack of truly listening to themselves.

Life coaching offers a clearing station for stifling processes. It's also a sounding board for ideas and ambitions.

Coaching should also provide unqualified support during change, if the client decides that change is what they want to achieve.

Life in general, the workplace, friends and relatives frequently encourage us to conform or to 'fit in' with the herd.

This can dull the sense of who we are and what we could achieve.

Other people often have their own agenda and views about what they think you are capable of whereas a coach does not.

In the newsletter I have tried to provide a framework for someone to create their own 'clearing house' within their situation. This will give them the clarity to make appropriate decisions without the ongoing need for a paid for life coach.

There is a great deal of satisfaction in watching people grow as individuals and realise that they can change their lives if they wish to do so.

This newsletter will enable many more individuals to move their lives forward compared to my working on an individual basis.

It is deliberately designed purely as a 'primer' to encourage individuals to begin the process of change, if change is what they want, at their own pace.

In addition to the newsletter there is a separate basic online self-coaching course almost ready for release.

A second, more advanced programme is in preparation as I write.

iF you decide that this approach fits your values and approach to life it would be great to work with you within the newsletter.

UPDATE; May 2021.

Due to a very recent technical issue the newsletter has been suspended. We are in the process of setting up a different delivery syste. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please keep an eye on this page, the new invitation to join us will be up as soon as possible. Thank you.

© Lawrence Nelson