Are you the star in a disaster movie in your own head?

Thank you so much for stopping by. Whilst your here may I ask you a personal question?

Do you have a movie script in your head about what your life should be like, what you always thought and hoped it would be like and yet in reality is something of a `Towering Inferno` or `Earthquake` or `The Day After Tomorrow`?

Why is that do you think?

What happened between you dreaming about how you wanted your life to be and how it appears to have turned out?

Did `someone` change the script? Did `life` get in the way and shackle your ankles?

Has your boss unfairly held you back in your career progression?

Or is it that `things just haven`t gone your way yet` but you`re still convinced that somehow they will?

Let me ask you a fairly simple question. If you did have a movie script in your head about how your life should have gone who wrote the darned script???

Was it little old you by any chance?

If you are the scriptwriter what happened to the imaginative guy who came up with the story in the first place? Why hasn`t the story come true? What`s stopping a happy ending, or at least a better ending than you seem to be stuck with at the moment?

Do you have any idea as to who could re-write the script?

Yep, you; just what`s stopping you? Do you think that you could be your own worst enemy?

Most people don`t make progress because they`re `afraid` of something; they`re afraid that if they succeed people might think that they`re being `pushy` or wanting to be `better than anyone else`.

As stupid as it might sound they`re `afraid` of succeeding just as much, perhaps even more so, as they are afraid of being seen to fail.

Perhaps one of the greatest fears is having to do something that takes them out of their comfort zone.

What`s stopping you, what are you afraid of, why aren`t you being the star of your movie in reality instead of imitating it in your mind`s eye?

For some reason most people who live in this dream movie know what they need to do to make the dream a reality; they simply find an excuse for not doing it.

What`s your movie? Who`s the star in the movie?

What`s stopping you living like your movie star?

You know what you need to do so why not start small, get some bit parts under your belt and move up the studio ladder until your top of the (your) bill.

© The Blind Life Coach