Are you constantly feeling stressed, worried or anxious about the world we are living in right now?
Are you fed up with all the fake news, the political ‘miss truths’, intrigue and all the other blah, blah, blah that we are bombarded with each and every day?
If the answer is ‘yes’ then I believe that I may be able to relieve the burden for a little while and help you to reset the scales in your favour. In the process you might also help me to support others who literally save lives almost on a daily basis.
How would it feel to take a little time out from all the nonsense, to take a step back (literally), to possibly learn something and to have the occasional laugh along the way and at the same time knowing that you could be helping to save lives?
If that sounds good then………….
I think this is different. I think you’re different.
Hello. My name is Lawrence Nelson AKA The Blind Life Coach & I’d like to thank you for reading this, I appreciate your time.
‘They’, the internet experts would probably say I shouldn’t do things this way but I’m no expert, I’m an ordinary person just like you so I’d rather set things out as I feel them. If I get it wrong so be it, if it doesn’t ‘click’ with you or ring a bell then perhaps it’s not for you anyway but I’ll do my best to explain.
I’ll try to be as brief as possible and just discuss the Who, the What, the Why and the How of something I’ve called ‘Tracks of My Years’.

What follows is only for descriptive purposes so that you understand where I’m coming from, it’s not a ‘sales pitch’.
As mentioned above my name is Lawrence Nelson AKA The Blind Life Coach. I specialise in working with clients who feel that they lack confidence and self-esteem.
I’m in the process of preparing an online programme about the causes of lack of confidence.
I work closely with clients and it’s vital to me that they feel comfortable with me. Park that thought for a moment & I’ll come back to it.
I’d like to mention two people who influenced ‘Tracks’ even if 1 of them doesn’t realise it yet.
Sean Mize is a business coach from Colorado. I’ve been on Sean’s mailing list for a little while now and he offers great insight about his speciality.
Sean is a man of faith. As part of his online presence he holds regular ‘faith in business’ webinars which I have listened to occasionally.
In one of his presentations a little while ago Sean said something to the effect that “if we feel we have a skill or talent that can help people we should find a way to use it.”
That phrase stuck in my mind and re-surfaces at regular intervals.
There is a lady from the Scottish Highlands who I’m pleased to call a friend but who probably wouldn’t thank me for identifying her and who shall therefore remain nameless.
I was discussing ‘Tracks’ with my friend who commented that there are many people who could potentially appreciate it (and need it) as a distraction from all the ‘blah, blah, blah’ and that I should find a way to make it as widely available as possible.
After that introduction exactly……
WHAT is ‘Tracks of My Years’?
A few short years ago I went through the worst period of my life and was in limbo for a long time.
As I began to recover (in truth only relatively recently) I found myself sub-consciously reflecting on my life to date; what I’d done, where I’d been, the music that had influenced me or the cars and motor cycles I’d had, I’m sure that you’ll understand the sort of thing.
Rewind a little and you’ll recall that I said I like clients to be ‘comfortable’ with me. I had the idea of recording my reminiscences and offering them as a sort of ‘get to know me’ bonus to the programme I’m preparing.
That was the plan until I mentioned it to my Scottish friend who commented that it might be useful to many people beyond my client list.
This comment coincided with Sean’s point about helping when and where we can and prompting me to change tack.
‘Tracks of My Years’ is a light hearted mix of memories of working class social history in the North of England as I grew up, the places I’ve been (particularly in Scotland, my spiritual home) and the roads I’ve been on all mixed up with reminders of music from the 60’s onwards.
Each episode will probably be 40 mins/an hour max. I don’t know yet how many in total as it depends how my memory buds are working on the day and, frankly, how many of you join me.
NOW, I’m 80% blind. The majority of software is not user friendly for anyone with sight issues which has delayed the launch of this until I found something that I could work with however ham fistedly.
If you’re someone who’s fallen victim to the trend of style over substance be warned, I’m no Steven Spielberg so it won’t be flashy but I hope that you find the content overrides that.
Some may say it’s self indulgent navel gazing. If that’s you then it obviously isn’t for you, thanks for reading this far.
On the other hand if you’re fed up with the ‘blah, blah, blah’ etc and are looking for something a little different for an hour or so each week and are happy to support the project it would be great to have you along for the ride.
There’s a voluntary rescue organisation in the UK that’s on standby 24/7 to go out onto the hills and mountains to rescue hikers and walkers who get into difficulties.
The organisation receives no funding from central government; it relies entirely on public donations.
I have done a lot of hiking in the English Lake District National Park near to where I live and in the Western Highlands of Scotland. I hasten to add that I only do the lower routes due to my eyesight; there are enough ill prepared people who get into difficulties on the higher routes and call out the rescue service without me adding to them!!!
As part of my recovery I have set myself a project of raising enough funds to buy 2 new 4 x 4 vehicles, one for the local depot near where I live and the other for the Glencoe depot in The Highlands.
I have formed a Limited UK Company (Inc in the US?). All monies raised by selling my online programme will go through the Ltd Co and is overseen by an accountant.
As a coach I want to help people but I’m also asking for your help as a sort of ‘help me to help the helpers’.
I will be recording the content on a weekly basis and hosting it on a suitable platform as yet undecided, although I’m very close now.
I want to help as many people as I can so I’m offering ‘Tracks’ free of charge whilst at the same time inviting donations towards the project.
If you prefer not to donate that’s fine, I still hope that ‘Tracks’ helps to relieve your stress.
I’ll be open and upfront and say that there will be external costs to meet such as platform subscriptions, transaction costs, UK taxes etc.
If you are able to donate I would respectfully suggest a minimum of at least $9 (either monthly or after each episode) but whatever you are able to donate will be gratefully received.
Some of my contacts have said I should charge much more because of the overheads coming out of ‘only $9’ but I want to make this as accessible as possible, to help as many people as possible.
ALL net proceeds will go towards the project so I’m hoping that enough of you will join me to overcome the overheads.
As a side note I’ve amended my will so that in the event I step in front of a truck before the project is completed all funds collected will be donated to the charity.
I need a process to let you know where, when and how to access the content.
Below this video/page text you’ll find a link to sign up to a dedicated e-mail reminder service. Once you’re on the ‘Tracks’ mailing list you’ll automatically receive notice when each episode is available.
It would be great to hear feedback once we get under way so I will include a link for you to contact me but I will not contact you unless you reach out to me first.