Do YOU have the COURAGE to CHANGE?

Another month gone by. And what a month it has been with the momentous event which unfolded in America. Millions of people decided that they wanted a change and had the courage of their convictions to do their bit to bring about that change. Whatever you feel about the result it was democracy in action.

A professional life consultant should never influence a client either by word, deed or suggestion of any kind. In these posts I try to bring broad coaching techniques to you the reader for you to mull over and then make your own decision, as a responsible adult, as to whether a specific course of action is in your best interests.

Today I am going to deviate from that course and wish to make it clear from the beginning that I am doing so. I am doing this partly because of the point I made above about the US elections but mainly because of the date on which I am writing this post. The two events, the US elections and today`s date are, however, linked and DO in themselves have a coaching message that I would like you to consider very seriously.

I am writing this at the end of November. Armistice Day is marked on the 11th November in Britain and in many countries around the world; a day when the living remembers the dead and injured of World War One and other conflicts.

I have a passionate interest in military history, particularly in the First World War. I was born and raised in a cotton mill town in the North of England, one of many such towns and villages in Britain where countless families were torn apart by the events of those years.

Early in the war a system of recruitment was introduced where men from the same towns and even the same streets, joined the army together on the understanding that they would train and then fight together in what became known as Pals Battalions within their local Regiments.

The idea, good as far as it went, was that the men would find it easier to deal with fighting and killing if they were amongst men from their own background, literally with their `pals`.

Fine though this sentiment may have been it took no account of the effect of mechanised slaughter on unprotected flesh and blood as it walked, walked mind you, not ran, towards Germans in protected trenches armed with machine guns on the first day of the battle of The Somme.

The effect of such industrialised killing was felt, literally, on virtually every street in the country when tens of thousands of fathers, sons, and brothers were mown down in the first HOUR of the attack.

You might tell that I feel deeply about this event in British history so I won`t dwell on it further except to draw a parallel between those horrendous hours, the recent US elections, today, and YOU here and now.

The new British Army that was sacrificed on the altar of outdated military thinking on the first day of The Somme was mainly a young army. Most of the veterans of the original British Army in France had been killed earlier in the conflict. The new army was made up of men in their late teens and early twenties who had been rushed through training and sent to the front to fight.

They were young men who were just starting out on life with all the hopes and wishes that this entails. Within a very short time all of those hopes and wishes meant nothing.

They had the courage to stand up for what they believed in and paid the price. Such awful waste of potential was of course happening on both sides in the war and from many countries. Death doesn`t make your cause right OR wrong, just futile.

Put that into the context of the lives that many people lead today where the `difficult` choice is between one or two vacations this year.

Is there something that you want to do with your life but either can`t be bothered to do or are worried that you may end up with egg on your face if it doesn`t work out? Can you not find the courage to actually do something about it?

Do you think that any one of the millions of ghosts remembered on Armistice Day would worry about `egg on their face` if they could only have just one more chance at life?

Theirs was a courage that many can only wonder at.

A different sort of courage is making present day history in America. Yes, people are agonising over the result but in a democracy someone always `loses` and at least they are alive to argue about it.

Ask yourself whether you can`t dredge up the courage to make a difference in your life, now, today. Think about it, please.

Until next time…………….

© The Blind Life Coach