How to Motivate Yourself to Succeed

Do you have the courage to be what YOU want to be instead of what THEY want you to be but don’t know where to begin? You have to start somewhere so why not here?

What have you done with the part of your life that was the last seven days, the last month or the last year? Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?

Did you even HAVE anything that you wanted to achieve or did the week just drift by? Whatever the answer is make yourself comfortable, put your thinking cap on and prepare to challenge yourself.

You CAN achieve your ambitions and motivate yourself BUT………..

Learning how to motivate yourself is a difficult thing for many people to do. There are those who appear to have the lucky gift of seeming to keep their spirits up, of never letting things get them down. Many of us however seem to be the opposite and struggle through life and work on an ad-hoc basis, always working through one disaster after another. If you are one of these people a vital place to start on your road to self determination is to develop genuine self respect.

If YOU don’t believe in yourself, your ambitions and your abilities how can you expect others to do so? When you begin to develop self esteem, to believe that there is nothing wrong in wanting and expecting the best that life can give you then, and only then can you begin to accomplish real progress.

You may well find it difficult to generate the motivation to maintain your progress. If this is the case then it can be useful to discuss your hold up, your block to progress with someone who you trust completely, someone who has sympathy and understanding of your objectives.

Do bear in mind though that this should only be on an occasional basis. Don’t use someone else as a crutch. You MUST develop and generate the motivation from within your own head, ONLY you can do it

There will be those who try to persuade you that you can’t do something or that what you are attempting to do is not right for you because after all they’ve known you for soooo long that they really know what’s best for you. That’s what friends are for isn’t it, to keep you on what they think is the straight and narrow path?

So called friends like these are usually people who have not achieved anything of significance in their own lives and have settled into a life of mediocrity without realising it. They genuinely think that they are saving you from yourself, from life’s disappointment. DON`T LISTEN TO THEM. If they persist in trying to hold you back then DISCARD THEM.

When they see you succeeding and, in their eyes, changing into someone different, someone more positive then they have the courage to be, it will only emphasise to them what shallow lives they lead and they will discard you. No one likes to be reminded of their failures and having the new you around will be a constant reminder of what they haven`t achieved.

Be true to your own ambitions and the conviction that YOU will achieve what THEY didn’t. If you are able to maintain your motivation you will be infinitely happier then the Nay Sayers.

Keep an eye out for things that grab your attention, that interest you. Just because other people are following a particular path doesn’t mean that it’s the right path for you as well. There is nothing worse than trying to be enthusiastic about something just because someone else is. Becoming involved with something new is a great motivator because it breeds excitement and enthusiasm.

Understand and accept that things won’t always go the way that you would prefer. Be prepared for this and allow for it in whatever plans you make. Give yourself some leeway, allow yourself to slip backwards now and then. It is perfectly OK to fail now and then as long as you keep your eye on the bigger picture that is your eventual success.

As we said at the beginning it IS difficult but the overriding priority is TO NOT GIVE UP, to keep going, to stay positive. If you do this then you WILL succeed.

Listen to what other people say and take appropriate advice but then make your own decisions. Persevere, work on yourself, work on your life and you will succeed.

© The Blind Life Coach